In the past, the surface of the works was usually covered with varnish. Due to the passage of time and with the arrival of polyester coating and chemicals, the surface is covered with these materials. Polyester paint for wood is one of the most widely used paints for painting and polishing wooden surfaces. Although paints such as polyester are colourless in appearance, their protective properties have led to their use as a special paint for wooden accessories. The colour of polyester resin is actually the name of a type of fibre that is known as polyester resin. Features and applications of polyester paint, we can mention the transparency of the paint, which is painted in a thin layer to protect the wood from the oxidation of wood due to direct contact with air or the attack of fungi and bacteria or Pests prevent it. Also, surfaces with polyester paint are easier to clean and even more resistant to external impact.

What Is A Hardener?

Polyester paints alone dry late and have a jelly and sticky state, which is why they use polyester coating stabilizer or hardener in the painting of this type of product. Hardeners are available on the market in both powder and liquid forms, which give off a pungent odour, so paint wooden surfaces in a well-ventilated area. When using hardener, it should be noted that it should be mixed with a certain amount of polyester paint, because by changing the volume of the hardener, the amount of hardening of the polyester can be adjusted, and this is different for different wooden accessories. Hardliner acts as a catalyst in chemical reactions.

Different Types of Polyester Coating

Colours Polyester itself is divided into two categories: semi-polyester and all-polyester:

Semi-polyester colours:

This paint consists of three components of the main paint material (resin, short oils, urea-formaldehyde), solvent (ethylene, thinner) and hardener (sulfonic acid, etc.). This type of polyester does not need to be polished after consumption and is available in both matte and glossy colours.

All polyester colours:

This paint is composed of two main components, the dye and the hardener, and does not have a solvent or diluent. These polyesters are extremely transparent and fully reflect the natural beauty of the wood.

Paints, coatings and everything you should know about polyester coating

Painting Methods with Polyester Coating

Painting wooden surfaces with polyesters has different steps that can be done during the following steps:
Putty is one of the most important steps for substructure in painting different surfaces, which helps to make the work more beautiful. Before starting to paint the wooden surfaces, we first fill the cracks and cracks in the wood with putty to create a smooth surface without cracks.

After each putty, sanding is used to smooth the wooden surfaces. Sanding makes the wood surface smooth and removes all the bumps from the putty. In sanding wooden tools, due to the importance of elegance and cleanliness of the lathes, various sanders such as hand sanders, sanding machines, etc. are used to beautify the surfaces on the wood.

To paint the substrate in painting wooden furniture such as bed service, furniture, wall cupboards, doors, etc., you should first use a layer of paint as a primer on the desired surface, and sometimes it is possible to use two layers of paint for better coverage. . The colour chosen as the base primer is very important to determine the main colour of the wood, so the primer must be chosen very carefully.

Sealer and killer paints are in liquid form, which is used for easy sanding of the primer surface and is sprayed on wood using a pistol. These paints are very suitable for instant wood colour because they dry quickly. Sealers are of instant colours and white colours that are used for sanding in wood veneers, while killers are of instant colours that are made in two types of matte and glossy and more for sanding wooden accessories that They need to be used for polishing.

Surface paint on wooden surfaces After the substructure of wood accessories is completed, it is time for the final painting. In the final step, you can choose the required colour according to your taste from a variety of polyester, semi-polyester and white polyester colours. Tips for using polyester coating has a nasty smell, so make sure you have a healthy ventilation system before painting.

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