Commercial Floor Coatings

The coating gives your floor a smooth, level, and customized work platform which is affordable and convenient.

Advantages of Epoxy Coatings in Commercial Spaces

There are several advantages of using epoxy coatings in commercial spaces. These coatings enhance the value of your property. In business, aesthetics are very important. The way customers perceive your business may be impacted by many factors, from the neighborhood where it is located, down to the letterhead you use. Since customers make mental notes of all aspects of your business, it is fair to assume that flooring will certainly be a factor as well. That is why it is important to make a good decision when it comes to flooring material and the way it is presented.

You must match the material to the environment, use and traffic. Look at the long-term costs and select a high-quality epoxy flooring that will pay off by needing less maintenance or repair service. Very few people pay attention to flooring when constructing a commercial building. However, the floor can appeal to businesses and inspire them to set up shop on your premises.

Types of Epoxy Commercial Floor Coatings

There are several types of epoxy commercial floor coatings today, and the advantages may vary depending on brands and overall function. One of the most common systems includes a water-based primer and sealer. Such a system can be applied to concrete that has been recently poured or is damp, which will cut down on the time it takes to dry and recoat. Also, because most epoxy flooring materials do not have strong odors, a water-based epoxy may be applied in a building that is occupied – making it very convenient. It is easy to clean and will also reduce the likelihood of concrete out gassing.

Slightly more advanced, a 100% solid epoxy flooring glaze offers a somewhat different set of advantages. These include protection from the sun’s ultra-violet rays for outdoor concrete or floors that receive a large amount of natural light. The covering provides color preservation and clarity to keep floors looking new and well maintained.

Where We Can Use Resinous Floors

Epoxy floor coating works on all surfaces whether it is brand new concrete, old concrete, or cracked concrete. The coating gave your floor a smooth, level, and customized work platform which is affordable and convenient. Applications on commercial buildings include:

  • Health and fitness centers – epoxy flooring is ideal for locker rooms, pool areas, courts, and bathrooms.
  • Rehabilitation and hospital facilities – the buildings benefit as the flooring makes it easy to clean and maintain a no-slip surface.
  • Restaurants – most restaurants use an epoxy coating to limit hazards and stains in the storage and kitchen areas.
  • Repair shops – repair shops use epoxy floors to prevent dangerous falls and oil buildup.
  • Technical companies – the companies love concrete epoxy coating because it repels dust and encourages a clean working environment.
  • Warehouses – epoxy flooring provides excellent design options for retail spaces. It is a good choice for inventory areas.