Epoxy Flooring for Automotive Industries

Epoxy flooring for automotive industries is also used to provide waterproofing and pitch for water drainage and is a seamless solution for hygienic protection

Epoxy Flooring Systems – From the Assembly Line to the Showroom Floor

From the assembly line to the showroom floor and every place in between, facilities that manufacture, sell, and repair automobiles must be equipped with flooring systems that can handle the unique demands of epoxy flooring for automotive industries. Concrete slabs alone are not enough to withstand the wear and tear of servicing motor vehicles: they scratch easily, are affected by contact with hot tires, provide a porous surface that absorbs spilled liquids, leaving behind stains and over time, can produce a fine dust that can be harmful if inhaled.

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring Systems

We offer our automotive shop for auto dealerships, auto body shop floors, service bays and service garages, parts department floors and auto detailing facilities. All of our systems use protective topcoats that protect your floor from harmful fluids and solvents and make them easier to clean from tire marks, scuffs, dirt and other marks that occur during normal usage.

However, concrete slabs provide a foundation onto which a more advanced flooring system can be installed. Epoxy flooring systems and other resinous coatings provided by Western Canada Coatings are multi-layered flooring systems installed as liquids for a smooth, nearly seamless surface. They are tough, strong and durable, and in many cases, can even be used to resurface and restore badly deteriorated concrete surfaces

In car and truck dealerships, as well as other vehicle showrooms, the floors are the foundation for great sales. Walking through the showroom door, prospective customers expect to see new vehicles displayed on elegant, beautiful floors. The combination of the two inspires passion among car enthusiasts and average consumers alike. With the right epoxy flooring finishes, car dealerships can let the buying fever begin.

Unfortunately, many showroom flooring options currently on the market are less than ideal. A number of these floors are hard to keep clean and bright. Either they tend to absorb stains from new tires, require frequent bothersome care like waxing or buffing, or come with dirt-collecting grout lines—or a combination of all three. Trying to keep up with the maintenance of such floors is a time-consuming and costly headache for dealerships.

Epoxy flooring systems resurface concrete floors and add colour to designate walkways or other markings. They are able to provide a number of performance functions such as slip resistance, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Epoxy flooring for automotive industries is also used to provide waterproofing and pitch for water drainage and is a seamless solution for hygienic protection. From an aesthetic standpoint, epoxy floors can add decorative finishes and designs to both epoxy flooring for commercial and epoxy flooring for industrial spaces, with unlimited colour options.