The two most common methods to mechanical prep a concrete surface are grinding and shot blasting. Shot blasting is a method of surface preparation that uses small beads propelled out of a machine at a high speed. The beads are shot out of the machine, striking the floor, and are sucked back into the shot blaster to be reused. This “blasting” creates a sandpaper-like finish that is ideal for a strong adhesion between the existing concrete and new material. Generally, after shot blasting is done the surface is clean and ready for new material with minimal cleanup, thus making shot blasting a very cost-effective floor prep option.

Concrete Shot Blasting

After the steel abrasive hits the surface, the shot blaster recycles the media. Dust and contaminants are removed by an air wash separator and are removed to a dedicated dust collector. This makes the process almost dust-free in operation. Blasting with steel shot is the most environmentally friendly abrasive blasting method there is because there is no use of chemical products and no waste of valuable drinking water.

  • To clean and prepare surfaces – such as steel, concrete, and asphalt.
  • To remove top layers – like paint and epoxy.
  • To remove markings & rubber – from highways, runways, industrial floors, and more.
  • To improve skid resistance – on surfaces such as sidewalks, bike paths, roads, and runways.
  • To generate optical and aesthetics effects – on surfaces like roads, highways, and runways.

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Concrete Grinding

Grinding requires the use of floor grinders or polishing machines that spin abrasive pads on the surface of the concrete that will remove coatings, old sealers, adhesives, as well as create a scratch pattern and rough texture to which new material can be applied. These machines can be used wet or dry and require vacuuming of either the wet slurry or dry concrete dust created during these processes. The tooling you use on your machines will make a significant difference in the time it takes to complete your floor prep, as well as the final quality of the prepped surface. We carry a diverse selection of high-quality tooling available to get you started.

This planetary grinding system is the most solid grinding principle on the market. Most triple disc floor grinders are equipped with three grinding plates, this ensures that the grinding head will always follow the floor and gives the best possible result. All triple disc grinders are suitable for the Diamag adapter plates for diamond grinding tools. Triple disc grinders have a proven reputation for the quality of work produced on industrial, decorative flooring, but also in the decontamination and demolition markets. Available in many sizes and electric-powered versions they can work any time and anywhere.

  • Grinding with diamond discs which don’t generate any vibration
  • They are often used for floor polishing
  • Can be used for grinding large floors
  • Allows you to reduce the amount of coating required (paint or resin) for your new floor

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Shot Blasting and Concrete Prep Services

We provide a wide variety of commercial concrete surface preparation services including:

Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting is a dust-free method of removing contaminants such as carpet glues, tile glues, mortar beds and profiling the concrete to accept new coatings or other types of floor covering materials. In order for a new coating or overlay to bond properly, the concrete must be clean and have a surface the consistency of 80 grit sandpaper. Shot blasting is the most widely recognized and accepted method for concrete preparation in the industry.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is a great alternative to shot blasting when a coating needs to be scuffed or removed prior to new coating application without damaging the top layer of concrete. Diamond grinding is also a great method of glue and mortar bed removal. Various levels of profile can be achieved with the use of more coarse or fine diamond tooling. Western Canada Coatings has both Planetary and Gear Driven type grinding equipment available for your application.

Floor Covering Removal

We can remove several thousand square feet of floor coverings a day which keeps you on schedule and saves time and money over manual removal options.

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