Anti-acid epoxy paint is an epoxy paint that is mostly used for applications that need to use acid resistant paint. In general, for coating different surfaces in which to increase resistance to various acids and corrosive substances, as well as various chemical sciences, one of the most suitable coatings is anti-acid epoxy paint, which can be very resistant.

Show high against various types of chemicals and acids and alkalis.

Acid-resistant paint is a compound in which there is an epoxy resin as well as a variety of paints in the form of stabilizers and glosses, and as a result, can show very high resistance to various types of chemicals and acids. The same property of acid resistant paint makes this paint a very suitable option for vegetation to be used in various types of alkaline and acidic environments and creates very good work.

Advantages of Acid Resistant Paint

  • Having high mechanical strength and adhesion
  • Excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of alkalis and strong inorganic and organic acids, salts, solvents, oils, and other corrosive chemicals
  • Very low absorption
  • Good adhesion to the surface below the work
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Extremely mechanical resistance
  • Possibility of coating and chemical protection of surfaces without installing tiles

Application Of Acid Resistant Paint

  • Protective coating of surfaces adjacent to destructive chemicals.
  • Protective coating of anti-acid epoxy mortar in battery rooms
  • Protective coating of antacid mortars in food and dairy factories
  • Protective coating of antacid mortar in electrolysis tanks
  • Use anti-acid mortar to fasten anti-acid tiles
  • Compatibility With Other Protective Coatings

If this product has been used as a cover in a project and after a while, it is decided to re-cover it, the following polyurethane product can be used for recovering.

If another layer is to be applied immediately after applying the anti-acid epoxy paint, the following protective coatings can be used:

  • Alkyd
  • Acrylic latex
  • Chloro-rubber
  • Two-component epoxy
  • Two-component polyurethane

In general, anti-acid paint can be used in different types of environments. As a precaution, due to the good anti-acid properties that are present in the anti-acid epoxy paint and the appropriate coating that the anti-acid epoxy paint creates, this paint can be used as a very suitable coating in acidic environments

Protection of concrete and metal structures that are in the vicinity and under the influence of chemical loads is important to maintain the durability of structures and their protection against invading agents in the long run. In the meantime, corrosion of concrete and reinforcing concrete steel is an important and serious issue, both in terms of structural performance behavior and from an economic point of view.

Due to the widespread use of concrete structures in different climatic conditions and types of uses, as a result of the occurrence of various types of damage in concrete, attention to the reliability of concrete is of particular importance.

Because otherwise, the concrete structure will not be able to provide the desired service during its useful life. Structures in industries that are prone to severe corrosion require damage-resistant coatings to prevent unpredictable accidents. Conventional anti-corrosion systems can be implemented in different fields and in different ways and will prevent problems in various industries.

Other applications and uses of anti-acid epoxy paint are the use of this paint in industrial tanks and other uses, which as a result can create a very ideal and suitable Pashto for tanks and the desired amount of creating any corrosion and abrasion. Preserve different types of chemical, acidic, and alkaline substances.

In general, anti-acid epoxy paint has the ability to show very high resistance against a variety of chemicals and many, and also has a very high thermal resistance so that it is possible to resist up to 120 degrees Show yourself very well.

Anti-acid industrial epoxy paint also has other applications. One of the most important of them is the creation of coatings in the middle and final layers of coating systems and coatings in various types of industrial installation projects, etc., which can result in very high resistance to corrosion and chemicals and acids and protection.

Show good in terms of these materials and it is possible to be used on any type of material and sex in different industries, including steel concrete and various types of alloys.

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