Plastic paint is one of the paints that has had many applications in building a painting from the past to the present. The use of this paint dates back to the distant past and even its use for painting walls and ceilings has been before other building paints such as oil paint. Also, this type of paint has been produced with more quality over time and in different types, which has made it possible for everyone to prepare it.

What is Plastic Paint

Plastic paint is water-based paint that, like other water-based paints, is odourless and blends easily with water. Experts usually recommend this colour for painting the ceiling, although there is no prohibition on using it on walls and other surfaces, due to the differences between the colour of the wall and the ceiling, the colour of plastic will have a better result on the ceiling. However, plastic paint is used as a cost-effective paint for painting different surfaces, which is one of the advantages of plastic paint. Plastic paint is also known as washable paint and this feature is one of the advantages of this type of paint. This type of paint is available in various colours in the market.

Advantages of Plastic Paint

  • One of the advantages of plastic paint is that it is washable, which makes it very easy and hassle-free to clean. With a damp cloth, you can dust and clean the walls painted with plastic paint. If it is not cleaned with a towel, it is possible to wash the wall with water.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic is another benefit of plastic paint. Due to the water-based nature of this type of paint and the non-use of petroleum derivatives and chemicals that are harmful to human health, this paint has many applications in building painting. Therefore, you can easily use plastic paint in places that may not be well ventilated.
  • They are offered in different classes, which makes this paint affordable for most people. Therefore, each person with different budgets can prepare the desired colour and use it to paint their house.
  • They are quick-drying paints or instant paints that dry quickly and uniformly within a few hours after painting. Drying plastic paints takes between 2 to 4 hours. However, the drying of oil paints takes at least 24 hours. So if space you want to paint needs to be prepared very quickly, water-based and plastic-based paints are often used.
  • Bright colours of plastic absorb the temperature and make the room temperature more balanced in summer. If you are painting the wall of a room that is exposed to direct sunlight, using light plastic paint can be a good option.

Disadvantages of Plastic Paint

  • Although we mentioned the advantages of this paint in its fast-drying, if this paint is used in temperate and humid areas, its drying speed will be reduced. In this case, the colour may be layered and you will not get the desired result from using it.
  • Although these paints are available in matte and glossy types, they do not have the lustre of oil and acrylic paints.
  • Although this paint has relatively high durability in general, it is still less durable than oil and acrylic paints.

Are They Applicable to Oil Paint?

It is very easy to apply plastic paint on a wall that has not been painted before, but if you want to apply plastic paint on oil paint, you will face challenges because the adhesion of water-based paint to oil paint is low. However, this does not mean that this is not possible, it is enough to lightly sand the previously oiled surface with a little sand or reduce its so-called oiliness so that the plastic colour is more sticky.

Also, using a water-based primer can help to better apply the paint to the oil paint. Apply this kind of paint in two layers on the oil paint with a suitable paint roller or brush. Due to the fast drying of the plastic paint, you do not need to wait long between the two steps but wait at least an hour between painting each layer until the previous layer dries well.

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Which colour is right for your job?

Considering the characteristics of building paints such as oil paint and water-based acrylic paint and plastic paint, and what surface you want to paint, how important the paint drying speed is to you, are you a beginner or advanced, and how much do you want to pay for it? You can choose the appropriate colour from the mentioned colours. But keep in mind that in addition to the quality of the colour you produce, the way you apply it also affects the result. So if you use the wrong tools or the wrong way to paint the wall, it may not be the result you want. Therefore, we recommend that you learn more about painting the wall with paint rollers and painting the wall with a brush.

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