Crowder powder is applied at the same time as concreting as the final coating by the butterfly trowel method, which finally gives you a perfectly smooth surface. Crowder powder makes the ground anti-wear and is a good insulator for heat and moisture.

Benefits of Crowder Powder

High-strength, anti-wear and corrosion powders are used in hard-working places, such as places where electro and welding wires are used, and this cross-country powder does not cause problems, Powder is a cement base. That is, to connect old concrete to new concrete, that is, a connection between two new and old concrete and causes a hard concrete coating.

Crowder powder, like coloured powders, has many uses, one of which is poured as a finishing floor on ready-mixed concrete flooring. The main feature of this corrugated powder during flooring has caused many companies to use it in flooring, and the reason is the high resistance to all kinds of pressures that can be used even in places. Industrial and commercial use.

Crowder powder is mostly used in floor constructions where there is a lot of traffic, ie it is used more in crowded places. Crowder powder can increase the life of flooring by at least 10 years due to the presence of mineral aggregates that are extracted from the best minds in the country.

Execution of flooring with this powder makes the concrete durable and also prevents the concrete from cracking and hard coating on the concrete. The corridor is executed with a butterfly trowel and finally gives you a smooth and completely one-handed surface. Execution of concreting with an electric trowel along with corridor powder is used for parking lots and gas stations.

What is hard concrete?

Hard concrete is concrete that is used in flooring and consists of minerals and pigments, and also hard concrete is used as the final coating on the floor. Hard concrete has aggregates with high strength and compressive strength.

Hard concrete method

The method of hard concrete is that first, you have to hit the work floor completely with rollers and water it to make it strong, and then it is time to run away and after run away it is time to reinforce after reinforcement, It is time to perform concreting, which is accompanied by hard concrete.

The reason that hard concrete is a suitable material for flooring of sheds, factories and warehouses is that it has high abrasion resistance and high compressive strength. The reason that hard concrete is applied with a butterfly trowel is that the work floor no longer produces any dust, and also coloured hard concrete makes the work more beautiful.

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