Residential epoxy floor coatings are one of the first things people will notice about your garage floor is the colour. things like durability absolutely matter, but when it comes to first impressions, colour is what counts.

Renew Garage Floor Coating expertly installs low maintenance, easy to clean epoxy floor coating that gives your floor a lifetime coating that all our customers love. Epoxy floor coatings are available in various attractive colours. so we may choose a solid colour coating or a multi-colour coating such as a metallic epoxy flooring.

The interesting thing about epoxy floor colours is that they are not painted onto the floor, which means they won’t chip. The colour is actually in the resin and is combined with the hardener, meaning the colour becomes part of the floor for maximum durability.

Garage flooring is another form of residential epoxy floor coatings services that we provide. Epoxy is often used in garage concrete floor settings because it is easy to clean and allows for the garage floors to remain free from stains and debris.

If your garage is a place that your store valuables and your cars, you’ll want flooring solutions that won’t work against your car or storage, but instead protects it.

With epoxy flooring on your garage’s concrete floors, you’ll also have to worry less about the weight of the items being stored on your floors, as concrete with an epoxy coating is durable materials that can combat heavyweights.

Additionally, epoxy can be installed with patterns. Unlike solid floor colours, patterns are painted onto the floor, and the designs can either serve a practical function or serve as decoration. For example, instead of hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling, consider having a parking space painted onto the floor. Homeowners who use their garages for other things besides parking their vehicles can likely think of countless functional patterns for the garage floor.

When a concrete floor has an epoxy coating applied to it, it will last longer and can handle a considerable amount of wear and tear from things such as chemicals spills, leaks from vehicles, high foot traffic, and more. Call us or request an estimate today. You will be pleased to know that all our workers are certified in the products and equipment they use.

We use the very latest advance installation technology. We the highest commercial quality materials are available today. Our installation process disciplined and precise.

This is required to ensure a great bond with our industrial 2-part epoxy. We use 100% chip coverage so our floors look great looks great, like a terrazzo or granite finish. Next, we apply a bonding sealer and a topcoat. The topcoat we use is the absolute best available. It provides UV protection and long-lasting surface performance.

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