Moisture treatment in the concrete or high humidity can cause moisture to be present on the surface when the material is being applied or before it’s fully cured. This can result in a milky or greasy film. This is sometimes referred to as a blush or amine blush. Thick application: A milky or cloudy appearance can result from the product being applied too thick. It’s usually more noticeable if the coating is clear.

How much moisture does your concrete transmit? This is an important question that needs to be addressed before you decide to apply epoxy or paint to your garage floor or basement. If you are unsure, then you need to perform a simple moisture vapour transmission (MVT) test at the surface of your concrete before a coating is applied. Your coating, as well as your hard work, maybe destined to fail if you don’t.

Moisture Treatment & Full Flake Broadcast Epoxy Application

This also includes any cure and seal that may have been applied to the concrete after it was poured. If you have a sealer of some type, it will need to be removed first by mechanical means such as grinding.

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If you have an area of your concrete or garage floor that always seems damp, then this is a sign of moisture problems as well. This can sometimes be the caused by leaky pipes or drains under the slab or poor drainage from the perimeter of the slab.

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