Follow our detailed explanation on how to remove paint from concrete floor.

Clean the concrete surface and allow it to dry

The first step in removing paint from concrete is using a contractor’s broom to sweep away any loose debris and dirt. Then, use mild soap and water solution to scrub away any remaining soil. Invest in a long-handled deck brush with durable polypropylene bristles, as this will eliminate the need to kneel or walk over wet concrete.

Once you’ve finished scrubbing the concrete, use a garden hose or pressure washer to rinse away any remaining soap suds or grime. Then, allow the surface to dry completely. Plan accordingly, as this make take several hours.

Apply Paint Stripper

Apply a generous amount of paint stripper to the affected area. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Use protective gear to prevent your skin from coming in contact with any chemical product.

Let the Stripper Sit

Let the paint stripper sit for an extended period of time. You may leave it for several minutes or a few hours. During this time, take care to prevent children and animals from coming in contact with the substance. The paint may bubble up and separate from the surface of the concrete.

Scrub the Area

After you allow the paint stripper to work its magic, it’s time to scrub off loosened paint. Use a durable scrub brush and a paint scraper to wash away any loose paint. Continue to scour the surface until no paint debris can be removed.

Wash the Affected Area

Pressurized water is often able to work its way into air pockets within concrete, helping to remove stubborn paint. Your garden hose is a great common household tool you can use for this.


After the affected area has dried, assess the damage. If there is still paint that needs to be removed, repeat steps two through four. You may continue to reapply the paint stripper until all the paint has been removed.

Clean the Concrete

If the paint you are removing was crafted prior to 1978, it may generate hazardous fumes containing lead. As such, you should always wear gloves, safety goggles, and a face mask or respirator, when utilizing paint stripper.

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