3D epoxy flooring is a new type of epoxy flooring with a wide variety of design. The arrival of epoxies in the field of flooring has created a huge revolution in this industry. Epoxy flooring has a variety of colours and uses. One of the newest types of epoxy flooring is 3D epoxy flooring, which has attracted a lot of attention in recent years and has created a wide market. Three-dimensional epoxy flooring is applied on the surface after self-levelling the area and applying a primer and cheek printing coating that is done by the printing machine. After the surface is covered by printing, epoxy resins with high transparency and scratch resistance are applied to the surface. 3D epoxy flooring is best applied in low traffic areas. The desired design is done by different software and is applied by the printing machine on banner-like surfaces. 3D epoxy flooring is designed according to the taste and opinion of the client.

One of the advantages of three-dimensional epoxy flooring is the creation of a different space based on the use. These three-dimensional coatings can have high chemical resistance and scratch resistance. Execution of three-dimensional epoxy flooring is very sensitive and can cause many problems if done incorrectly.

Advantages of 3D flooring

3D Epoxy Flooring Design

1. Appearance beauty: The most noticeable advantage of 3D epoxy flooring is its stunning visual effect. In addition to being eye-catching, due to its unique aesthetic features, this method can solve many interior architecture problems. By choosing the right design, colour, and 3D pattern, you can visually enhance the space of the room. Due to the lack of restrictions in choosing the design and colour, you can implement everything you have in your dreams on the surface and amaze any viewer.

2. High strength: Epoxy is practically impermeable and has a very high resistance against acids, chlorides and other materials such as bleach and commonly used cleaners. This is exactly why these types of flooring have been considered for industrial applications. Epoxy flooring, if installed properly, can last up to 15 years without changing colour.

3. Simple maintenance: 3D epoxy flooring has no seams, connection points, cracks, cavities and separations, so it is safe against any dirt, dust, water and chemicals. It is also easy to wash and clean, and any dirt on the surface is easy to clean.

4. Safe and hygienic: 3D epoxy does not dust and prevents the growth of various microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria. The materials used in this type of flooring do not emit harmful odours and vapours after drying and therefore have no negative impact on human health and the environment.

5. Fire resistance: Epoxy polymers do not burn. That is why they are used in many factories, warehouses, hospitals, children’s educational centres and other environments where special control is exercised over the non-flammability of materials.

3D home flooring

3D epoxy flooring used on home floors can bring special charms to the home environment. Depending on the desired environment for the implementation of three-dimensional epoxy flooring, can be variable. 3D epoxy flooring is realized with the help of 3D printing on transparent epoxy stickers and resins with high scratch resistance. 3D wood epoxy floors, unlike wood, ceramic and parquet floors, have a spirit and make the home environment attractive and different. Epoxy flooring has the ability to print perspective images or angled images that give the environment a three-dimensional feel. 3D epoxy flooring is produced based on the customer’s desired design, modification and attractive perspective. These 3D images are printed using very advanced equipment and placed on a surface trace. After covering the floor, varnish and epoxy coating are applied to their traces.

3D Epoxy Flooring

Execution and installation of 3D flooring

3D epoxy flooring has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. These floors can easily change the visual space of the environment and create a pleasant environment. 3D epoxy flooring is typically applicable to all surfaces. This three-dimensional epoxy flooring is applied after the surface is modified and a suitable roughness is created for the primer to adhere to the surface. Surface roughness can be achieved by the submachine on the surface. This roughness is created by the removal of fatty or small molecules from the surface of the molecule and the capillary chambers.

The next step is to apply a primer to create a proper adhesion of concrete with surface epoxy. Dilute primer is applied to the surface by rollers after application, which causes the surface channel to get wet and the polymer to penetrate into the capillary holes of the concrete. After the primer is partially dry, the sticker desired by the customer, which has been printed on the surface using 3D printing machines, is glued to the surface.

In the next step, the sticker is coated with a thickness of 1 to 2 mm of pure resin without additives. This layer has very high abrasion resistance and gives a lot of transparency to the surface. The design can be selected by the customer and after removing the relevant perspective designs, it will be printed on a special sticker.

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